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Size/System: 9'2" / Futures / C2TR3Tec


THE BIGBOY is for big guys! If you are big, you have to go big!!

Anyone over 100kg or of a bigger stature can take advantage of this high-performance longboard tailored to a larger person. With the 24” width, it adds an almost shortboard curve to the outline.

The tight pulled-in tail running into a clean curve back towards the middle allows smooth yet tight snaps as the board flexes under the weight of a heavier rider. A nice balance of flex and curve in one package. If you thought your surfing days were getting limited with the frustration of not catching many waves, revive your surfing on the BIGBOY and feel alive.


9'2" x 24" x 2 15/16" x 68.2L x 5.0kg
10'0" x 24" x 3 3/8" x 84.5L x 5.8kg



  • Outline

    Pulled in longboard nose, clean outline with generous curve in the middle into a tighter rounded pin. At 24 inches wide it can carry a bigger guy into waves easily, the outline is quite curved in the middle because the tail pulls in relatively narrow, so for a longboard it has a lot of outline curve. This combined with the performance rocker gives it a free flowing and loose feeling no matter where on the board you stand, so it's easy to pump for speed and has a nice rail to rail feeling. Wide tailed boards get really hard to attack the pocket at speed, not so with the Big Boy, even in 2 x overhead waves, the tail is still narrow enough to throw it under heavy sections and whip it from rail to rail.


    Low profile, shortboard style. The really low rails do a few different jobs; fat rails are harder to bury, especially at speed, so the low rails make the board super sensitive, responsive into turns and help slice through the water nicely. With Sunova’s Balsaflex technology our stringers are in the rail line which means the board has a greater range of flex and spring back, however the thickness of this particular model at 3 inches helps reduce the flexing when a big guy is walking the board, yet the rail line is still free to flex and spring back nicely. The low rail is more submerged when walking and nose riding, so the board is nice and stable to walk with water flowing over the rails holding them down. Lastly the bottom edge through the tail is quite tucked under, this gives the board good hold into late drops and a smooth ride in general.


    Full high performance rocker. This amount of rocker fits nicely into tighter parts of the wave, yet it is still flat enough to carry without needing to be pumped, but it can be pumped for speed with ease if the wave requires. The curve is even all the way out the tail, so it still carries speed even if you are standing right on the tail. The board has a nice squirt of acceleration if you stomp your back foot, opposed to a tail flip which is like hitting the brakes.


    Flat bottom. The idea is to keep the board going fast, it already has plenty of features to keep the board loose and sensitive, no need for added contours as the overall design is not dependent on bottom contours for control. Additionally the general Sunova construction with the flexible bottom adds another dimension that reduces the need for contours. 


    Quite a domed deck from 3” to a really refined and low rail with nice thickness distribution. Having the nose and tail quite refined, lowers swing weight and keeps the super thin railed tail feeling sensitive and alive out of turns.


    Thruster. For sure the best performance option, I personally like to run a slightly smaller tail fin, as this frees the tail up a little better in tight under the lip style turns and snaps in general.