FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I understand that many of the boards you carry are manufactured in Thailand. Why aren’t they way cheaper than the prices I find online in other countries?

 A: While it is true that most of our boards are made here in Thailand, the manufacturers make the boards for ‘export only’ so we still have to pay the same import duty as if we were buying from overseas. 

We do believe that, in most cases, our prices are equal to or lower than the average price you’d find in overseas surf shops.

Of course, one can almost always find a cheaper price at some online megastore.  If buying from them works out cheaper and more convenient for your situation, by all means go for it!


Q: Do you have every item on your website in stock?

A: If you choose a size and color for the item from the dropdown menu and it shows a price (as opposed to “Sold Out”) then yes, we do have it in stock.


Q: Do you only have the stuff on the website in your shop?

A: While the majority of our stock is on the website, we do also have many other related and specialized items for surfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, etc that are not shown on the site. Contact us and let us know what you’re looking for. Contact Us


Q: Do you deliver?

A: Yes, we deliver free to any address in Phuket (minimum order B7,000) or to any other address in Thailand (including Khaolak, Koh Samui, Hua Hin, Krabi, Bangkok, etc) at reasonable shipping charges.  We can also organize for stuff to meet you at locations such as airports, hotels, etc. if you arrange it with us in advance. Please contact us if you have any questions. Contact Us


Q: Can you special order board models or sizes that you don’t have in stock?

A: In general, we can order any board made by NSP, FIrewire, Red Paddle Co, and The Surfboard Agency. In some cases we can order single boards, in others we need to put together a multi-board order to make it happen. Manufacturing times vary. Contact us for more info. Contact Us


Q: Do you take trade-ins?

A: We typically do not take trade-ins. However, if you have a board you bought from us in A-grade condition we may be interested. Contact Us


Q: Do you do surf lessons?

A:  No, we do not do surf lessons. However, we can suggest accredited local surf schools. Click here for info: Lessons and Rentals


Q: Do you repair surfboards?

A:  If you buy a board from us and it turns out to be defective, we will certainly get it fixed or replaced to your full satisfaction, but we do not do general surfboard repairs. We can recommend some local places that do fix surfboards. Contact us 


Q: Are you the old Cobra Sports surf shop owned by Rick Reynolds that used to be near Chalong Circle on the road to Chalong pier?

A: Yes, we are the old “Cobra” surf shop, and Rick is still here along with new partner Tom. We’ve just relocated nearby, expanded, and have changed the name View Map


Q: Can you ship to other countries in the region?

A: In many cases (depending on the brand and model) yes. Please contact us with your inquiries Contact Us


Q: Do you have gift certificates?

A: Yes, we can organize gift certificates for you Contact Us