Sharp Eye Surfboards / Storms Twin Turbo

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Size/Color: 5'11" X 20.5" X 2.63" X 34.3L - Sand





The Storms Twin Turbo (T2) from SharpEye Surfboards delivers you the world’s fastest surfboard with exceptional hold and phenomenal performance in small to medium conditions.


Derived from Kanoa Igarashi’s ever-popular Storms model. This board features a medium single concave that flows seamlessly into the ‘Turbo Channel’. The 'Turbo Channel' has been designed to provide increased bite, drive and hold. The Storms T2 will deliver seemingly unlimited projection through dead sections providing an abundance of speed, that allows for progressive modern surfing in smaller conditions. If you’re chasing extra spark in waves under 4 ft, this is the model for you!


We recommend riding this board 2-4 inches shorter than your regular shortboard and adding a touch of width and thickness.

Fin System: FCSII

Construction: E3-Lite


Drive & speed: 5/5   Wave height: 1-8 ft   Movability: 5/5   Paddle Power: 5/5







5' 4”


2 3/8”


5' 5”

19 1/8”

2 3/8”


5' 6”

19 1/4”

2 7/16"


5' 7”

19 3/8”

2 7/16”


5' 8”

19 5/8”

2 1/2”


5' 9"

19 1/2”

2 1/2”


5’ 9"

19 3/4”

2 1/2”


5’ 10”


2 1/2”


5’ 10”

20 1/2”

2 5/8”


5’ 11”

20 1/2”

2 5/8”


6’ 0”


2 3/4”


6’ 2”

21 1/2”

2 3/4”


6’ 4”

21 1/2”

2 3/4”


E3 Epoxy

The E3 Lite glassing technology is an innovative construction technique that is taking the surfing industry by storm. Developed by SharpEye, the company has continuously sought new ways to improve the durability, strength, and overall performance of their Epoxy boards. This led them to partner with leading composites material firms to develop custom carbon/Innegra tapes.

After rigorous testing with their team riders, SharpEye is now ready to unveil the E3 Lite construction to the surfing world. This new technology boasts a core with a super tight cell structure, a stringerless EPS blank, and a 4oz layer of fiberglass on the bottom. A custom Innegra/carbon tape is placed directly over the foam on the bottom, running from the nose to the tail. The carbon tape ends before the fins, while the Innegra continues until the end of the tail. This unique design enables the tail section to flex and twist while maintaining the integrity of the board. As a result, the E3 Lite construction allows for an explosive recovery after high-speed tight turns.

The deck of the board is also layered with SharpEye's custom triple carbon tape, placed strategically in the middle of the board. This allows the nose and tail to flex, creating a "spring back" effect, leading to a super lively surfboard. To further increase compression strength and hold everything in place, a layer of Bi-axle 4oz cloth is added over the deck.

The E3 Lite glassing technology produces incredible results that are sure to impress any surfer. With its superior strength, flexibility, and explosiveness, the E3 Lite construction is set to revolutionize the way surfboards are made and ridden. SharpEye's commitment to innovation and constant improvement has paid off with the E3 Lite, and it's expected to be a game-changer in the surfing world