NSP / Airwave Orange Foil Fuselage

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Size/Color: 70cm

Airwave Fuselage

The Airwave fuselage is designed without compromise

Our design brief was clear “must be hydro-dynamically efficient, has to be strong, stiff, cannot bend, with solid mast and wing connections and it must hold up to wipe-outs in the shore break”. Each precision fuselage is individually CNC-cut from aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminium and is anodized for protection and a great look.

The regressed mounting point for the mast creates additional rigidity, strength and durability.

Available in two sizes:
• Fuselage 70cm Standard in all Airwave sets (1kg)
• Fuselage 85cm* For freeride windsurfing (1.2kg)
* supplied with specific 2 degree shim

A word on the Airwave fuselage length

The longer your fuselage, the steadier and stronger the lift you are going to get out of your setup. The less distance between your front wing and stabilizer wing, the more squirrely and turn-happy the foil is going to get.

For high-wind applications like windsurfing, the benefits of a longer fuselage work in your favour, adding balance, glide and directional stability to your ride. In the more surfier applications like prone foiling or wake foiling, you are typically going to benefit from a shorter fuselage and the ability to make short-radius turns, quick pumps and rail-to-rail manoeuvres.

Think of it this way, the shorter your fuselage, the smaller the radius your two wings (front wing and rear wing) becomes, allowing for quick and responsive riding. The responsiveness does come at a price, as the efficiency of the foil decreases, meaning less lift and less leverage in our pumping.

A longer Airwave fuselage means stability and great leverage, whereas the shorter Airwave fuselage will be more fun, more responsive and better suited for turnier applications.